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Garður og utandyra Reykjavik, Iceland
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We have just finished our adventure and no longer need the barely used items below. Some were bought on amazon, and others in Reykjavik at Sports Direct. Prices are as followed

-Camping Chair Large (15 USD/EUR , 1550 ISK) Was bought on May 21st and sat on once or twice. Comes with carrying bag
-Two Tripod Camping Seats (5 USD/EUR, 550 ISK) Were bought on May 21st and sat on once or twice. Come with carrying bag.
- Cooking Stove Green (20 USD/EUR, 2100 ISK). Was bought on May 21st and used once or twice, still has canister with fuel attached. Comes with carrying plastic case.
- Small Camping Stove (8 USD/EUR, 850 ISK). Works great and comes with canister attaches with some fuel remaining. Canister was used to cook two or three meals.
- Backpack rain covers, 3 available (5 USD/EUR, 525 ISK). Never used.
- 2-3 Person Tent Blue, simple tent but has seen many camping trips, but reliable, we camped one night with this tent in rain and was dry in morning. (10 USD/EUR, 1050 ISK)
- 2-3 Person Green Tent with a little higher quality than blue tent, camped this week in this tent maybe four times and remained fairly dry, has one broken tent pole that would need to be replaced (10 USD/EUR, 1050 ISK).
- Sleeping Bag 45 f/7 c degree comfort, 2 available (12 USD/EUR, 1250 ISK). Lightly used and come with travel compression bags.
- Sleeping Bag 20F/-6C degree comfort, very comfortable and very dry used maybe three times. Comes with travel compression bag (15 USD/EUR, 1580 ISK).
-Backpacking Table (12 USD/EUR, 1250 ISK). Great Condition and foldable.
- Backpacking Tea Kettle with Travel Bag (8USD/EUR, 850 ISK). Barely Used
- Mess Kit, Two Available, packable skillet, plate, pot w/lid and cup (5 USD/EUR, 525 ISK)
- Camping Coffee Cup, Metal, 3 available (4 USD/EUR, 420 ISK).

I will sell all for 150 USD/EUR, 15,800 ISK

I am only in Reykjavik Iceland until the morning of the 31st of May, you can only contact me by email: This is a great deal so I would jump on it. I can send pictures of the tents if needed but they packed in the back of a car right now.

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